Monday, May 16, 2011

Reading Gay Books

This blog provides quick gay reading suggestions. No detailed reviews, but ideas for GLBT readers. Enjoy.


  1. Title: 21:30 Old Compton Fair Blue 6 Feet
    Author: Marco Villa

    ISBN 1467000353 or 978-1467000352

    It’s a light and yet intensive book like Uhlman’s ”Reunion”. There is everything from travel adventures in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Japan to love stories, from dating, to friendship. It is set in the late nineties to our days and outlined by the historical events we all know and their influence in the main character.

  2. Out now on Kindle is Random, which features a gay teen character.

    After falling for the new guy at school, sixteen-year-old Tierney uncovers the truth surrounding the drug-fueled death of her best friend, Jeremy. Random, a contemporary expose of teenage life in Los Angeles, begins with a not-so-innocent truancy and builds - through complex, interwoven relationships - to a shock ending that sets Tierney up as a young female noir protagonist.

  3. Simon de Beauvoir's job selling snacks on a high-speed train is dreary. When Simon gets a chance at stardom as the frontman of the gay boyband The Sonsov Bitches, he thinks he has it made. But success always brings envy, this time with deadly consequences. Can Simon save The Sonsov Bitches? Can he still look divine while a crazed killer is targeting him? Will his long-cherished dream of being famous and fabulous be ruined by the lunatic stalking the band? Find out in this Gay Chick Lit (Dick lit?) Thriller, set in gay Paris, from Cobra Capella Books.

  4. Totally Fabulous (A Gay Fiction Double Feature)

    First, Sebastian finds himself caught between hunks when his former flame and a new heartthrob both go in hot pursuit of Sebastian's heart.

    Then, Sebastian finds introducing his boyfriend to his family never gets easier as a trip home turns into relative insanity.